Let us help on your journey!

Santa Barbara Weddings was started with two simple premises. Brides and grooms deserve access to the most knowlegable, profesisonal and talented wedding vendors available and that local vendors are the best vendors.  Having been in business as a wedding vendor myself for over 20 years, I had the oppotunity to work with most of Santa Barbara’s wedding vendors, creating unbelievable weddings at many of the amazing wedding venues that exist in the Santa Barbara region.

During this time I have worked with A-LOT of out of town vendors. From coordinators and caterers to DJs and floritsts, I worked with a plethora. Some were good, some wrecked entire weddings.Yet none were as good, knowledgable and professional as the ones from right here in Santa Barbara and the surrounding region. They know the area, venue and other vendors better than out of town vendors. They have a vested interest in their reputation because the area is very small and word travels fast here.

So after 20 years I decided to create a website that specializes in introducing amazing brides and grooms to phenomenal LOCAL wedding vendors and service provdiers. It is my pleasure to help along your journey!

How adding your listings works

In order to join Santa Barbara Weddings and be represented on the only website specializing in weddings in the Santa Barbara region you must:

  • Own or represent a business that is local to the area.
  • Provide a viable street address for your business location.
  • Register via our online sign up page

It is that simple. Once you have registered, I will review your information and approve all vendors who qualify.

A way forward

During these challenging times, as I watched many of my fellow industry professionals struggle and search for a way forward, I wanted to help. I wanted to help them get their services in front of the thousands of wonderful couples that will be remembering Santa Barbara as the place they took their first steps together as bride and groom. I wanted to help you the amazing couples find the professionals that have made this area one of the most chosen areas for weddings in the entire United States.